kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

200 лет назад лондонская театральная жизнь была явно поживее:

The Old Price Riots of 1809 (also sometimes referred to as the O.P. or OP riots) were caused by rising prices at the new Theatre at Covent Garden, London, after the previous one had been destroyed by fire. Covent Garden was one of two "patent" theatres in London in the nineteenth century, along with Drury Lane. When Drury Lane was burned down, Covent Garden became the premiere theatre in that time. The riots lasted three months, and ended with John Philip Kemble, the manager of the theatre, being forced to make a public apology. It was said that as many as 20 people died and many more wounded during this event

In an attempt to quell the rioters Kemble hired
the boxer Daniel Mendoza and his associates to contain
them. This tactic misfired and resulted in
increased violence, as shown in the contemporary
caricature by Isaac Robert Cruikshank,
Killing No Murder as Performing at the Grand National Theatre

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