kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

Технологии рулят! Старший Брат заботится о вас!

Оказывается вчера я со своего ведроида снес такую замечательную штуку:
Advantages of using Cell Broadcast for Public warning are:

- Sending out a Cell Broadcast message to a few or millions of people take less than 10 seconds
-Cell Broadcast has a unique and dedicated ringtone and vibration
Only an authorized authority and the serving mobile network are able to send out the Cell Broadcast messages
99% of all handsets used today support Cell Broadcast
-Cell Broadcast supports per CB-message a maximum message length of 1395 characters in Latin and 615 characters in Universal Coded Character Set (UCS-2) encoding in order to support e.g. Arabic, Chinese alphabet, Urdu, Greek alphabet.
-Cell Broadcast supports multiple languages
-Cell Broadcast supports the use of URLs and Web-links in the alert message
-Cell Broadcast supports Device Based Geo-Fencing
-Cell Broadcast supports the update within seconds of existing alert messages due to changing hazard situations
-Cell Broadcast supports the mechanism to inform and instruct people within seconds in the adjacent hazard areas
-Cell Broadcast is able to reach all mobile subscribers including roaming subscribers (in their own language)
-Cell Broadcast is not affected by mobile network congestion
-Cell Broadcast is not affected by access class baring and or SIM class baring
-Cell Broadcast is not affected by any data protection constraints as no personal data (subscriber identity or MSISDN) is required and used to deliver the message.
-Cell Broadcast can be used to address people present in an individual cell sector or large polygons covering a complete city or country.
-Cell Broadcast messages can be updated as incident conditions change during an event at the end of an event an all-clear can be given.
-Cell Broadcast is suitable for monthly or half yearly national public warning awareness tests
-Cell Broadcast enablement in the mobile network has no influence on the battery life of mobile devices-

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