kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

Но почему все-таки они обозвал отцов 4-й речи посполитой "розовым салоном"?

Łysiak's works are often controversial politically. He began this theme with the trilogy Dobry (Good), Konkwista (Conquest) and Najlepszy (The Best), which alluded to events surrounding the end of the PRL (People's Republic of Poland) and the beginning of III RP (Third Republic of Poland), and took this further with the Rzeczpospolita kłamców (Republic of Liars) and Alfabet Szulerow (An A-Z of Conmen). In all of these books Łysiak attacks people he claims are the founders of the Third Polish Republic (see Round Table Agreement). Łysiak calls these people the pink saloon (różowy salon), with Adam Michnik regarded as the leader of these liberal intellectuals.

In 2006 Wojciech Czuchnowski published an article in the Gazeta Wyborcza entitled 'Waldemar Łysiak, Baron Münchhausen of the 4th RP'. Czuchnowski accused Łysiak of re-styling himself as an outspoken critic of the PRL, whereas at the time he was allegedly 'looked after' by the authorities, as his books enjoyed large publishing runs, and he was frequently interviewed by newspapers. Łysiak responded with an article in the Gazeta Polska entitled 'The Salon Retaliation, or 'hand, foot, brain on the wall'.

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