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Пан Премьер не мог воровать

Это нам сам Илюша Пономарев гарантирует:

Former Duma lawmaker and businessman Ilya Ponomarev who has known Mr Mishustin for more than 15 years dismissed the allegations, telling The Telegraph that the future prime minister would be able to afford that property as he made at least several million dollars from his IT projects in the 1990s.

“I’d be surprised if he was involved in some corruption dealings - he’s not the type,” he said.

Илюше виднее - он же лекциями зарабатывал :)

И вообще - сам Греф хвалит пионера цифровых технологий и налогового инноватора:

Herman Gref, CEO of Russia’s largest lender Sberbank, in televised comments on Thursday hailed the former tax chief as a “pioneer of digital technology” and credited him for creating an “innovative platform” for tax collection that would be the envy of the most progressive nations.

Разве такие люди могут ошибаться?

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