kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

Хитрый план Трампа

Bloomberg -- “Let me tell you, if I wanted to do nothing with China, our stock market, our stock market would be 10,000 points higher than it is right now but somebody had to do this,” the president told reporters at the White House on Wednesday. “It was out of control and they were out of control.”

Раз ФРС не хочет:
Trump has previously said the Dow would be 10,000 points higher if the U.S. Federal Reserve hadn’t raised interest rates last year. Trump routinely criticizes Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

Собственно и раньше было очевидно, что одна из целей заявлений Трампа воздействие на рынки, щас он это просто открытым текстом сказал.

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