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Проект PACER

на вархеде некоторое кол-во атомического панка 60-70-х. В частности - subj - так сказать мегагенератор внутреннего термоядерного сгорания: идея сделать большую полость в земле, напускать туда воды и бабахать бомбу, как пишет вика:

Project PACER, carried out at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in the mid-1970s, explored the possibility of a fusion power system that would involve exploding small hydrogen bombs (fusion bombs)—or, as stated in a later proposal, fission bombs—inside an underground cavity. As an energy source, the system is the only fusion power system that could be demonstrated to work using existing technology. However it would also require a large, continuous supply of nuclear bombs, and contemporary economics studies demonstrated that these could not be produced at a competitive price compared to conventional energy sources.
Tags: Атомный трэш

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