kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

Политкорректное решение проблемы балтиморских крыс:

It is very common and popular among hipsters to keep a rat as a pet. Some people told me they have two or more.

Yes, I know. Those domestic rats are not smelly sewer creatures. They are playful and smart. Sure, they poop everywhere and chew everything, but this is easily forgivable. Still, domestic rats are sort of middle-class compared to proletarian sewer creatures.

But why domestic rats are so nice? Because they are socialized. Domesticity is a social construct. Even the most Right-wing minds would agree with that premise.

Sewer rats are simply maligned for too long, and blamed for every disease, while the domestic ones are pampered. That is the only real hardcore difference between them. Genetically they are nearly identical and moreover, all genetic differences may be explained by domestication.

So, my proposition is an enforced and sped-up domestication of all rats. Sort of busing for ratty sewer youths in order to desegregate them from the middle-class pets. Wide-range positive social engineering and affirmative action for sneaky, bitey adolescents. Offer them domestication scholarships.

Дальше идет довольно обычный лево-либеральный перечень мероприятия по "одомашниванию" негров и латиносов.

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