kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

На сам деле нефтедоллар подрывают сами США:

... Six traders who regularly deal with Surgutneftegaz said the company had been asking buyers to agree to an addendum to their contracts stating that they accept the option of settling payments in euros.
But the company was now raising the issue with greater urgency, and had in some cases warned it would reject bids from buyers for cargoes of oil unless the buyers signed the addendum, according to four of the traders

(кстати у Сургутнефтегаза вроде как 44 ярда баксов лежит в наличном виде :) )

... A source at Gazpromneft, Russia’s third-biggest oil company by output, said most of its contracts already contained a clause on possible payments in non-dollar currencies.

A second source at the company said that when it is drafting supply contracts with customers for 2019, it will make sure they include a non-dollar payment option in all cases.

То есть как ни смешно - но если что и сможет дивесифицировать валюты используемые при торговле нефтью - то как раз американские размахивания сабелькой.

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