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Экзотические экстремальные развлечения:

Вот например товарищи решили посмотреть на эту красоту:

Из открытого окопа с расстояния в одну милю. Поскольку все было в пыли, ни фига толком не разгялели, но впечатление опыт, судя по всему, произвел все равно яркое:


Twelve officers had volunteered to occupy a trench forward of the main trcnch arcs at Shot BADGER. Each participant calculated the minimum distance from ground zero at which he would receive no more than 5.0 roentgens of prompt whole-body radiation exposure, eight pounds per square inch maximum overpressure, and one calorie per square centimeter of thermal radiation. To assist in their calculations, they used data from TM 23-200, Capabilities of Atomic Weapons, published in October 1952. Trenches were prepared for the volunteers 1,370, 1,830, and 2,060 meters from ground zero. The officers agreed to occupy the trench 1,830 meters from ground zero. The trench, which was six feet deep and nearly four feet {1.2 meters) wide, was dug in soil consisting of rocks and fine silt. The paricipans decided not to have the trench reinforced, but two rows nf sandbags were placed on the forward ridge of the trench (26-27).

The volunteer officer observers probably left Camp Desert Rock just before midnight for the forward area. They arrived at the trench area about 0300 on the morning of 18 April (22). Each volunteers wore a utility uniform and helmet. As they awaited the the detonation, they wore protective masks and crouched at the bottom of the trench.

What happened immediately after detonation is bes described by one of the participants:

...I was loaning against the forward wall of the trench holdlng an AN/PDR 32 dose ratemeter with both hands for the purpose of observing the intensity of initial radiation. The white light was so intense that I was blinded by absolute whiteness. Tnis apparently lasted for several seconds. There was so vague recollection of a slight crackling sound at this time. It believed that this sound may have been the result of intense ionization which takes place in the atmospheie. I felt no rise in temperature nor any thermal effects, but it is noted that the only part of my body not covered was my hands.

The next sensation was that of earth shock which was very pronounced. The earth seemed to shift back and forth very strongly a number of times ...

Again regaining my sight, estimated to be about three or four seconds after the detonation, I noticed that the indicator of my meter was off the dial on the high side which read to 500 R/hr.*

The blast wave then hit with a high-pitched crack and general increase in the ambient pressure was noticed. I was enveloped in dust and had the sensation of a heavy windstorm blowing over my head. I was not tossed about in
the trench. The wind subsided and I climbed from the trench to observe the atomic cloud. This was not seen due to the very heavy dust which enveloped the position...

A reading of 500 R/h from the initial radiation was registered for 15 to 20 seconds in the trench. Because of this high intensity, the officers decided to evacuate the trench. About seven minute later, they started walking toward a road about 180 meters west of the trenches. By this time, gamma intensities had decreased to about 30 to 50 R/h. The radiation intensity continued to drop as the men walked toward the road, decreasing to 1.0 R/h when thev reached the road two minutes later.

The observers waited at this, road for a few minutes until transportation arrived to take them to the main trench area, about 1,830 meters to the south. Between 20 and 35 minutes later, the men reached the main trenches, where thev were interviewed by Army Fielci Forces Human Research Unit No. 2 from the Human Resources Research Office. They were then transported to the decontamination station.

Chapter 4 contains more information about the radiation intensities, dosimeter readings, and exposures for the volunteer officer observers.


*) Roentgens per hour
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