kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

Американцы на партнерство денег не дали -

и главболгарин попробовал зайти с другой стороны:


PS: А незадолго до этого, в замке у Шефа американской торговой палате Borisov blamed AmCham Bulgaria for failing to publicly side with either Westinghouse or the government when the dispute began in the spring.

The Bulgarian News Agency quotes him as saying: "I am talking to you like this because we are partners and friends, not just when we have lunch, but also when there is a problem. If you know something, help me. We are one. We are friends... We stop Russian planes, we also stop three Russian projects, and if [we aren't] your partners, who is?"

Borisov warned Sofia was tolerant to US businesses operating in the country "even when they aren't quite tolerable."

- See more at: On Monday, speaking at an AmCham conference, Borisov urged the company to return and build under "European" conditions - with a clear financial plan for costs related to construction, purchase of the nuclear fuel itself, and project funding.
Tags: Международная история города Глупова

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