kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

Ужасы ракетной войны:

1944, Sept. 14, (13.09 hours) - Batt. 1./485 or Batt. 2./485, Wassenaar, V-2 rocket fired, impacted Rotherfield, Sussex. Fell in farm field. Rocket disintegrated at high altitude before impact.

9 Houses suffered slight blast damage.
Two police officers suffered burns to their hands due to handling component coated in hydrogen peroxide from the steam generator system.
8 rabbits killed. (*JP-HK)

Ответ был страшен:

Intensive enemy air activities in Group North, especially against traffic junctions. 150 aircraft bomb near a launch site north of Den Haag, without causing any damage to the rocket troops
Бывали впрочем и удачные попадания:

1945, Mar. 27, (07.12 hours) - Batt. 3./485 (Art. Reg. 3./902), Den Haag, Haagse Bos, V-2 rocket fired, impacted Stepney, Hughes Mansions, 2 City blocks flattened, 134 dead, 49 seriously injured


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