kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

"We must not allow the Communtist infiltrations..."

"Никогда мы не будем братьями":

Russia is no longer a strategic partner of the EU

Put an end to Russia’s interference in EU democracies

MEPs are also alarmed that Russia is positioning itself as a challenger of the international democratic community and its law-based order and is supporting and financing radical and extremist parties in the EU. They call for a coordinated mechanism to be set up by the Commission and EU member states to monitor financial, political or technical assistance provided by Russia to political parties and other organisations in the EU and to assess its influence over political life and public opinion. The Commission should also propose legislation ensuring the full transparency of political funding and financing of political parties in the EU by stakeholders outside it, MEPs say
В общем - за чистоту драгоценны телесных соков! Только спирт или дистиллированную воду!



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