April 22nd, 2017

Major Kong

Кругом Бандера:

About Bandera

These pages present the Bandera tool set for model checking concurrent Java software. The next generation of the Bandera tool set is under development and we hope to have an initial public release ready by the summer of 2005. The next generation of Bandera will provide significantly more robust and scalable software checking capabilities than those found in Bandera 0.3 (the latest version described on these web pages).

You may also be interested in looking at some other software tools that have been developed in the SAnToS Group at Kansas State University and the ESQuaReD Group at University of Nebraska (Lincoln).


Выглянул в окно и тоже задумался - все белое, Ветки в снегу, и сантиметра три уже навалило и вовсю валит :)