kouzdra (kouzdra) wrote,

"Самая лучшая демократия, какую можно купить за деньги"

New figures just released by the Center for Responsive Politics, an independent research group which tracks money in politics, estimate the total cost of November's elections (for the presidency, House of Representatives and Senate) will come in at $5.8bn (£3.7bn) - more than the entire annual GDP of Malawi, and up 7% on 2008.

It makes UK election spending look microscopic by comparison. A total of £31m ($49m) was spent by all parties in the last general election in the UK two years ago - making US spending 120 times as much, and 23 times as much per person.

Дальше в утешение приводятся соображения, что на Афганистан тратится много больше, да и что вообще - американцы сжирают только чипсов на 7 ярдов
Tags: Международная история города Глупова
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